Meet the Phantom Wallet, or should we say Solana Wallet?

Ideas, opinions and innovation have been going hand-in-hand for quite some time now and technology keeps on proving that every single time. With crypto, we started promoting the idea of digital currencies, and as soon as crypto gained variety, opinionated it. But just as it started spreading, people innovated ways to not just invest in it but also earn from it.

And we don’t think we need to tell you any more about the cyber threats than you already know. So, you know, crypto acquiring monetary valuation simply increased the chances of it falling victim to cyber threats and attacks. That’s when crypto wallets got ideated- to help society keep crypto safe.

Here, in this exclusively amazing read, we’ll be taking you through each and every significant detail that you’d need to know about one of the very efficient crypto wallets- the Phantom Wallet. However, the first thing, we think you should know is the simple fact that there are several blockchain networks with different structures and Phantom exists on the Solana network, which led the wallet to get a reputation as the Solana Wallet.

When you move through the read, you’ll find specially procured data that has been directed to enhance your experience with this great wallet service. We won’t just help you understand how it works, we’d also help you use the wallet service to yield benefits.

To be precise, we’ll first take you through a brief introduction of what Phantom is, how it works, the registration procedure, the login procedure, the app and extension details, the common issues and the facile ways to fix crypto coins. In a single sentence- this read is everything you’d need to understand the Solana Wallet and use it for a refined crypto experience (the ones that exist on the Solana blockchain).

Wondering, what is Phantom Wallet and how to use it?

Phantom Wallet is a new and exclusive crypto extension wallet service that functions and caters to the Solana Blockchain crypto requirements, which can be further stated as it is a wallet service that is designed to stay and operate on the Solana network for compatible tokens, Defi, and NFTs.

When talking about how you can use it- well, it is simple, all you have to do is download and install the wallet extension on your browser, set it up with a strong security password, retain the seed phrase (recovery phrase) on acquiring it, and complete the wallet set up.

Features that Phantom Solana wallet entail

This part of the read has been prepared to help you with knowing the traits of the exclusive Phantom Wallet:

  • There have been no custodial aspects and are capable of easy browser access.
  • To ensure an added security shield, you can go on to link your wallet to a hardware Ledger device.
  • Users have the authority to stake SOL (blockchain-native token) to acquire passive income.
  • Creating a wallet gives you a route to available crypto tokens, NFTs, and SOL on the Solana network.

How to download Phantom wallet Chrome extension?

There are a few browsers that have been recognized as “compatible” with the wallet service. They are Brave, Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. As you are aware that most desktops and laptops have set up Chrome as their default browser, given below are the steps to get it for Chrome:

  1. Head into your pre-installed Chrome browser and get on the official Phantom site.
  2. On getting redirected, spot the “Download” link and ensure placing a hit on it.
  3. For the next step, you need to go for the “Add to Browser” option link on the webpage.
  4. Follow through the onscreen prompts and wait till the wallet gets added to your browser’s toolbar.

Note: You can get into the and to acquire the extension and mobile version.

Keep up with the Phantom wallet login steps

So, now that you’ve downloaded the extension service, we think it’s time for you to know the steps that are involved in logging into your wallet space:

  1. Wrap up the installation and complete the wallet creation.
  2. As soon as your browser confirms the completion, launch the extension.
  3. If you don’t find the Phantom icon, look for the “puzzle-piece” icon.
  4. As the list of installed extensions come up, press through the “Phantom” tab.

So, does Phantom Wallet have an app service?

We have been noticing that there are tons of sources and options that would make you believe that there are fully-functioning mobile applications for Phantom Wallet. And we hate to break it to you, but there is no such application launched in the market yet.

The options you find online for these applications are nothing but a complete hoax, which are ultimately directed to infect your devices, attack your data and finances, and rob you of your crypto funds. So, whenever you find such sources, we request you not to opt for them.

However, there’s one way you can use the wallet service on your phone. If you search for “Phantom Wallet for Android” or “Phantom Wallet for iPhone”, you might be able to find the beta version of the application service that the brand made public via its Twitter handle, we’d suggest you get it to acquire a majorly enhanced and efficient wallet service.

How to take care of Phantom Wallet not working?

There might be times when you find your Phantom Wallet portal is not working and there can be a ton of reasons for that- one of which is the fact that it is a man-made service in the technical world and it is prone to encountering issues. We’d suggest you try a few things before you get on with contacting the Phantom customer service team:

  • Shut down and reboot your device to try again
  • From the Phantom UI, get rid of the Ledger Wallet and re-install


The detailed read above has been specially created to introduce you to the Solana Wallet, which is exclusively renowned as the Phantom Wallet so that we can help you choose the best option when it is about choosing the best wallet service on the Solana blockchain.

Reading through, you are now aware of the fact that it is an efficient browser extension that is equipped with tons of features to cater to all your crypto needs as long as they are compatible with the blockchain network it exists on. It helps you with transactions that include crypto variants, NFTs and Defi on Solana.

In addition to that, you’ll get to know how you can use the wallet service, you’ll know if there is a mobile app version of the service, details on how you get it, and last but not least how you can resolve the very common or frequent issue that Phantom users have been reporting- functional issue with the wallet.