The $600 million crypto hack was just fun and not ambush

Cybercrime has always been on the headlines but this time, it would’ve been given a higher place, if there was one. A trained hacker went on and stole $600 million cryptocurrencies from Poly Network, which is a new digital platform working towards bringing along all the blockchain players, giving them an exclusive chance to work altogether.

$600 million crypto hack

Now, this hacker said he or she carried on the heist for the “$600 million crypto hack” for fun and self-challenged the same. The hacker found an unexplainable vulnerability in the Poly Network’s algorithms and used it to go through with the biggest crypto heist in the history of the prosperous and digitally-dominated world. Once it was done, the hackers immediately sent it to various crypto addresses to build up a perfect disguise.

Theft announcement and a message to the hacker

Poly Network worked towards the recovery and finally, announced that the mishap has already occurred and in their statement, they pleaded to make some contact with the hacker so that compensations and/or negotiations in return for the stolen funds can be discussed.

Whereas, an anonymous identity came up and claimed that this vulnerability might have been put in place for a reason and several thousands of blockchain community members have invested their trust in Poly Network, the decentralized finance platform. And that he or she just wanted to stir up attention about the room for future threats.

Hacker’s viewpoints and Poly Network’s future

They added that they did not care for the wealth, and with that, almost half of the stolen crypto funds were returned to the network. That’s when they said they’ll stay in the shadows and continue to save the world from these algorithm frauds that can actually harm people’s crypto finance. They pointed it out by saying that anyone can be the thief- a competing brand, members of the community network, the developers, and even the CEO. Therefore, Poly Network cannot really verify the identification of this greatly skilled hacker.

Poly Network is still counting on getting the funds back as it involved finances from all of their trusted members and an algorithm fault can mean they need to magnify the efforts and improvise their work operations along with enhancing the user experience for a better digital world.

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