How to invest in Coinbase IPO?

Coinbase is a big name in the crypto world. This is an exchange platform where people are allowed to buy, sell, and store crypto tokens. Coinbase is growing faster and it is a good option for the traders to invest their money. In April 2021, this company goes public on NASDAQ with the opening share of $381. Now, investors can participate in growth from the crypto industry. If you are also seeking to invest in Coinbase IPO then this read is much important for yourself as we are going to learn about the tactics before investing in Coinbase’s stock.

invest in coinbase

About Coinbase

Coinbase is a prominent crypto exchange platform that helps you trade crypto tokens and store them. You can buy a crypto token and sell it using Coinbase. This company was founded in 2012 with headquartered in Wilmington, United States. It is the first crypto trading company that is available to trade on a U.S stock exchange. Apart from the crypto exchange services, this company also provides crypto wallet services.

Coinbase makes money by charging several fees from their users such as trading fees, maker and taker fees, interchange fees, interest on cash, and interest on personal loans. You can also invest in Coinbase’s stock safely if you approach the right strategy.

Coinbase IPO Where to Buy

Coinbase is listed on the NASDAQ exchange. You can also buy Coinbase’s IPO with the proper trading strategy using this exchange. Coinbase is listed under the stock symbol COIN. You can also buy an IPO of Coinbase by creating an account on the trade stocks that allows you to trade on the NASDAQ exchange. You can easily create a NASDAQ account by providing the name, email, and password details.

How to invest in Coinbase Pro IPO?

You can also invest in Coinbase Pro IPO if you have created an account on the NASDAQ. Before that make sure to set your budget and choose the type of order that you want to place. Now, let’s move forward to discuss the process to invest in Coinbase:

  1. Using a browser, visit the webpage
  2. Now, you need to find and click the ‘Create a new account’ link
  3. Then, enter first and last name in the required fields
  4. Enter an email address to create your account
  5. Now, choose a new password and then confirm it in the respective box
  6. Click the ‘Continue’ button to proceed
  7. On this page, when asked, complete the email verification process
  8. After verifying the email, click the ‘Finish’ to complete the process

Once you create an account on NASDAQ, you will be able to invest in Coinbase Pro IPO. When asked, provide a payment method to buy IPO on a stock exchange.

Tips to invest in Coinbase’s Stock

Certain tips can be helpful to invest in Coinbase and you must follow these tips before investing in Coinbase Pro-stock. The tips to invest in Coinbase’s stock are as follows:

  • Before heading to invest in Coinbase IPO, you need to learn about Coinbase’s financial history.
  • Check out the financial reports of Coinbase, analyse how the company is doing business, and look for the profit and loss of the company.
  • Compare Coinbase’s potential with your investment horizon.
  • Choose a brokerage where you can invest in Coinbase.
  • Select an order type that matches your investment goals.
  • Ensure to add money to your bank as you will need it to execute the trade.

Best crypto to invest in on Coinbase

There are several crypto tokens that you can buy from the Coinbase exchange. The list of few of best crypto that you might love to invest in are as follows:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Cardano
  • Polkadot
  • Solana
  • Ripple
  • Polygon and many more.

You can easily invest in the cryptos using the Coinbase exchange if you have signed up for an account. However, you can easily prepare yourself by creating a new account. To sign up on Coinbase, you may need to provide your name, email, and password details.


In short, investing in Coinbase might be a difficult task for you. But if you approach the right path then you can also invest in Coinbase. The complete process to invest in Coinbase IPO is discussed above on this page. You can also plan your investment without taking the help of any consultant by referring to this post. In case you are looking to learn more about the way to invest in Coinbase then you can speak with a trading consultant to plan a secure investment.

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