Get through the steps for “how to set a stop loss on Coinbase”

Living in an exclusively created technical world, we know that digital assets have managed to acquire a lot of significance in the world. And being one of the very first digital assets, cryptocurrencies have specifically been playing a great role in shaping the tech integration with our lives.

stop loss on Coinbase

So, when crypto journeyed through being a free asset with strong cryptography to be the most expensive digital asset with enhanced security protocols- it brought along a lot of different online services for society. These online services include exchange platforms, one of which, will be discussed at length here for a specific feature.

In this read, we’ll talk about Coinbase and Coinbase Pro, explaining its ideation and along with that we’ll tell you about the very new and exclusive featured service “stop-loss on Coinbase”. Reading on, you’ll get to know about both platforms, followed by information that can improve your overall crypto experience along with helping you keep a close eye on the market fluctuations.

We’ll walk you through the list of features and perks of Coinbase and Coinbase Pro platforms, which would then be followed by an introduction to the amazing new order features that can be set on your exchange accounts- stop orders and limit orders and the procedures for the same.

Understand Coinbase and Coinbase Pro with their traits

Talking about cryptocurrencies, crypto exchanges always steal the show and Coinbase is always on top of the list. That is because it has been recognized and announced as the best and most reliable exchange platform that exists.

Coinbase has always been on top for rendering every service that helps you improve your experience with the world-leading crypto tokens. However, the brand understood that crypto enthusiasts were getting separated into two categories- new and advanced investors.

Therefore, Coinbase Pro made its debut in the crypto world and it has been doing great ever since. So, yes, any crypto fanatic can go on to use and trade on the Coinbase exchange but, only the advanced crypto users are allowed to be a part of the Coinbase Pro platform.

You should know that most of the features associated with both service platforms are, more or less, similar apart from a few major changes. Enlisted are a few traits that would give you an insight into the platform features other than the “stop loss on Coinbase” feature that will be discussed later:

  • On Coinbase platforms, users get to explore and trade in a large crypto collection (or altcoins)
  • Both platforms comprise an easy-to-use interface that enhances the trading experience
  • The services are associated with exclusive learning programs that would help users with crypto decisions and investment opportunities
  • Users might even get paid for participating in the associated learning programs for better encouragement
  • High liquidity for user accounts is one of the most treasured features employed on both the service platforms of Coinbase

Know the exclusive trait- stop loss on Coinbase

Here, in this part of the read, we’ll be throwing some light on an exclusive feature that directly contributes to refining your crypto experience- the “stop loss on Coinbase”. We thought you should be aware of one of the newest developments on the platforms that would add to increase the efficiency of your crypto trades and other potential transactions.

A basic stop order refers to the fact that users are now entitled to specify the crypto market price at which they want the particular crypto order to be executed. In other words, users get to set up a price and as soon as the crypto prices match it, the order will automatically trigger its sale.

This pre-determined price is exclusively known as the stop price and the feature is designed to satisfy only one objective- helping all crypto traders in protecting their profits, limiting all losses on trade transactions, and going on with initiating new crypto positions.

Learn how to use stop loss on Coinbase Pro and Coinbase

This part of the read is exclusively prepared to help you find answers to a very common question that active Coinbase and Coinbase Pro members have been asking- “how do you set up take profit and stop loss Coinbase Pro?”

Let us walk you through the explicit steps to completely experience the “stop-loss on Coinbase” service feature:

  1. Begin by getting into your account on the platform/s.
  2. Head to the “Trade View” and under it go to “Orders Form”.
  3. Move forth with “STOP” and go for “Buy” or “Sell”.
  4. Go on to specify the asked amount details for the order trigger.
  5. Make sure that you specify the “Limit Price” as and when asked.

Walkthrough on how to set limit order on Coinbase app

Other than the stop loss on Coinbase, this part of the read is equipped with exclusive details that would help you with setting up limit orders if you use the Coinbase mobile application for making trade transactions:

  1. As usual, begin by signing into your account on any of the platforms.
  2. Under that “Trade View” section, get into “Orders Form” from the list.
  3. Submit your selection on whether you want to “Buy” or “Sell”.
  4. Type in the size of your order and the price limit you have in mind.
  5. Now, in the “Advanced” settings menu, hit either “Post Only” or hit “Allow Taker”.
  6. Go on to place your hit on the “Place Order” tab link to close the transaction.

Note: Being a technical product/service, the stop loss on Coinbase feature also, experiences trouble and “Coinbase Pro stop loss not working” is the most frequent of all. However, we recommend you connect with the customer support department so that you get the issue resolved as soon as possible.

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The detailed read above has been carefully crafted to help you understand what Coinbase and Coinbase Pro offers along with a list of combined traits for both crypto exchange platforms, which ensures the indication of high liquidity on user accounts in the uncertain and unpredictable crypto industry. Moving along, you learned the significant and specific details on its recently added “stop-loss on Coinbase” service feature.

You understood that it lets users decide on the market price at which, a crypto order must be executed. We have added small sections that would help you with procedural steps to undergo the placement of stop orders and limit orders, which trust us, would redefine your entire crypto experience.

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