Why is trading disabled on Coinbase Pro?

Are you facing trading disabled on the Coinbase Pro issue? If yes, then you have visited the right page as we are going to talk about this issue on this page. According to data, many Coinbase Pro users are facing this issue and that’s why they are not able to trade using the Coinbase Pro account. So, if you have ever faced this issue or you are facing the same issue currently then you must know the ways to fix it. Let’s move forward to learn about the quick solutions for the Coinbase account temporarily disabled error.

trading disabled on coinbase pro

Reasons behind Coinbase pro account restricted 2021

You may get this error due to a restriction that has been applied to your account due to any security concern. The reasons behind this issue are given below:

  1. Coinbase Pro security team has detected a suspected activity with your account.
  2. While recovering the Coinbase account, the Coinbase Pro has found a security issue
  3. You have tried to verify the identity using an email address that is not registered with the Coinbase Pro account

How long is trading disabled on Coinbase Pro?

You may not be able to trade using your Coinbase Pro account unless and until you do not go through the security verification process of your account. However, after verifying your identity, Coinbase Pro allows you to trade using your account. The quick solutions for the trading disabled on Coinbase Pro issue are given below:

1: Confirm that your Email address is accessible: Hackers may change the login password of the email address once they access it. Whenever you realize that your Coinbase Pro account has been blocked due to security issues then try to access your email address to check that whether the email account password is safe or not.

2: Try to check the 2FA mobile number is the same or not: You can try to check that the two-step verification mobile number is the same or not. If any malicious user has updated the 2FA mobile number then you may not be able to use your Coinbase Pro account.

3: Reset the Coinbase pro account password: If you are not able to use your account and you realize that you have lost the password details of your account then you need to go through the password recovery process. You can easily set a new password for your account if you have access to them.

4: Contact Coinbase Support: If you are still not able to access your Coinbase Pro account then you should contact Coinbase support to get access to your account. You can contact Coinbase Pro via Email, Phone number, and Twitter. If asked provide them details like

  • Last successful login attempt and authorized action.
  • Any transaction that is not done by you. Also, provide the information of the amount and timing of the transaction.
  • If your account password, email, and/or 2-step verification codes were compromised then you can also speak with the Coinbase support agent.

Note: After going through the above solutions, the trading disabled on the Coinbase Pro issue will be fixed defiantly. Now, you can enjoy Coinbase Pro trading again by logging in to your account.

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To sum up, Coinbase Pro cares for the safety and security of user data and funds. However, cybercriminals are one step ahead in finding a lack in the app’s security. Using the security gap in the mobile apps they might hack your account and also transfer the funds from your account. If you are a Coinbase Pro user and you are facing the trading disabled on Coinbase Pro issue then it might be due to any type of malicious user activity. This is a serious issue but you can fix it quickly by approaching the solutions that we have given above on this page.

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