Know all about the “Coinbase QR scanner not working” issue

We’ve witnessed our world go from general traditional methods to regular digital methods and we even adapted to the lifestyle. We saw social media catching on, businesses went online and digital currencies got launched.

Coinbase QR code not working

As we are big on the cryptocurrency subject, this read has been entirely dedicated to one of the many services that Coinbase, which is again one of the several crypto exchanges, offers its users for an increased level of efficiency.

You might have noticed the payment applications that are widely being used today all across the globe with phone numbers, application addresses and QR codes. Coinbase too introduced the QR code facility for the Coinbase Wallet users.

And this read majorly focuses on whether you can resolve the “Coinbase QR scanner not working” issue or not, and if you can, how should you do it. Don’t we’ll tell you all about the purpose of the QR code, and the tips that would help you with the earlier-mentioned issue.

What is a QR Code and what is it directed towards?

In technical terms, it is a matrix barcode that is designed to be an optical label that has machine readability. On being scanned it displays any data or information that has been associated with it. And when it comes to crypto wallets. It is just a more visual way of portraying or displaying the wallet addresses.

The oriented goal of the wallet QR codes allows users to read the addresses in a more facile way. Initially, it was directed to extend help in situations where the “copy-paste” system doesn’t really work (for instance it is on a poster or a card).

Today it doesn’t just help the mentioned scenario but has made paying bills even more feasible than you ever imagined. The upside here is that you would not have to share your wallet address or any contact information with other individuals and vice versa. Now, let’s move to the reasons that lead you to the “Coinbase QR scanner not working” hindrance.

The list of reasons that lead you to the issue

Here, in this part of the read, we’d like to point out all the reasons that may contribute to the hindrance that we are talking about:

  • An issue with ambience lighting
  • The camera’s focus keeps shifting to the background
  • The phone camera is slightly tilted for the scan
  • The scan would not go through as your phone is too close
  • The camera lens got dust or dirty and is giving out blurred scans

So, these are all the major causes that may lead you to encounter the “Coinbase QR code not working issue.

Can you overcome it? If yes, then how?

Here, we’ve mentioned all the things you can do to make sure that you can overcome the problem and continue to smoothly use your QR scanner code on your Coinbase Wallet portal:

  • Use brightly lit places for scanning
  • Ensure the background doesn’t hamper the camera’s focus
  • Be certain to not tilt your hand or phone
  • Don’t be too close to the QR scanner code
  • Make sure that the lens of your camera is cleaned properly

Although, if for some reason, the tips or resolutions that we presented here, do not seem to work, please do not wait any longer. Just had to the Help section of the service and contact the professionals at Coinbase wallet’s customer support team to get guidance for the resolution of the “Coinbase QR Code not working” obstacle.

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The detailed read has been dedicated to helping you understand the new concept of QR codes with an exclusive introduction to the matter. Moving along with this informative read, we simply wanted to help you understand the issue that a lot of Coinbase Wallet users have been reporting.

To wit, we listed out a few major reasons that lead users to experience or encounter the “Coinbase QR code not working” problem, followed by an elaborate section that contains the ways you can try and attempt to get rid of the occurred hindrance.

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