Every detail you’d need for Crypto.com transaction fees

Cryptocurrencies have made their way to all the great things in most of our lives- they introduced the concept of digital assets. And although it had no financial worth in its early stages, it is now the most valuable digital asset of all time.

Crypto.com transaction fees

Making it available to tons of people worldwide, crypto exchanges acquired recognition, and with that started to become the most important aspect of experiencing an amazing journey with cryptocurrencies and their ways.

We came across a very special crypto exchange that has been serving the needs of all the enthusiasts out there- the Crypto.com exchange platform. And we thought to ourselves, it is important that people with some crypto interest might not know about it so, why not introduce it to the world with its specifics?

Thus, that is what we’re doing here, we are familiarizing you with the exclusive exchange platform so that we can focus on one particular subject, which is considered to be one of the most significant things in the entire crypto trading journey- the Crypto.com transaction fees.

Reading along, here are a few things that you’ll get to know about the transaction fees- the charges per transaction on the platform, the international or foreign transaction fees, some light on the unauthorized transactions and the registration process- but is not the exact order.

Get yourself an account on the Crypto.com platform

Here, we’ll be walking you through the explicit steps that are involved in registering for an account on the exchange platform, after all, you wouldn’t need the details on the Crypt.com transaction fees if you do not have an account for trading:

  1. Get to the official service site and hit the “Sign In” tab.
  2. Submit the required data along with keeping up with the instructions.
  3. Put in a valid proof of your age and receive the OTP to hit “Continue”.
  4. Get the OTP and paste it into the allocated space to move forward.
  5. Settle for a password, and ensure its strength to hit “Submit”.
  6. Move forth with typing in your phone number for registration.
  7. Get all of the data verified and review for validity to wrap up.

Know specifics about the exchange and the app’s fees

Users throughout the exchange have been reporting their experiences and based on that, it is safe to say that Crypto.com transaction fees are at the lower end of the slope. Also, even if products on the exchange is priced different from each other, there is no doubt that it is one of the best medium in the entire crypto industry.

So read on, because we think the details below can help you with answering a very big question that keeps hovering over your head whenever you try to decide on an exchange (but specifically for Crypto.com, here)- “how much does Crypto.com charge per transaction?”

Fees specifics for the Crypto.com App

We can all agree that applications make everything easier and it has more efficiency than you expect, right? Likewise, the Crypto.com app is also the most amazing medium to buy, sell, exchange, send, and receive crypto.

In addition to that, the app is a quick way of making payments using cryptocurrencies and making deposits. You know what the best part is? All of it is free of charge, yes, even the exchange part of the platform.

However, the only place that you would have to pay the Crypto.com transaction fee is when you withdraw funds to an external address. But even then, the charges may differ based on crypto variants that you are choosing to withdraw from the app account.

Fees specifics for the Crypto.com Exchange

Now, unlike the app version, the Crypto.com exchange charges users with both trading and withdrawal fees. That’s right, there’s more than just one kind of Crypto.com transaction fees here.

You should know that the trading fees are entirely dependent on the 30-day trading volume of each user where the discount rate increases as soon as the trading volume increases too. And to ease your experience the exchange lets you stake CRO and pay the trading fees with it because the trading discount increases with the increasing staked CRO.

But that is not it, there’s more- on staking your CRO you get 10% p.a. earnings. However, that depends on if you decide on staking a minimum of 5000 CRO and completely pass the KYC requirements. Also, a passed KYC verification is set to help you earn rebates on the trading fees.

What about the international transaction fee crypto.com?

Well, there isn’t any specificity on the international Crypto.com transaction fees, however, we did pick up some crucial information that may be related to that front. The Midnight Blue card by the exchange gets to earn 1% on all purchases but there are no excluded foreign fees implied on the transactions along with no requirements of staking.

Crypto.com unauthorized transaction- What was in the news?

Now, that we’ve told you about the Crypto.com transaction fees, we thought we’d tell you about something that happened. Most of us are aware of the value that cryptocurrencies have acquired over the years, right? So, it is no surprise that cyber crooks would try everything to get their hands on others’ crypto wealth, you know, to make some quick bucks. If only, crypto today, was about just a few bucks!

There were user reports on the Crypto.com platform that there have been some unauthorized transactions or activities via some user accounts. It probably was related to the transaction fees that users were imposed with but, we don’t know anything for sure.

To recover from this mishap, Crypto.com took on an initiative- it stopped all deposits and withdrawals from accounts on their exchange with an aim to investigate the issue of these “unauthorized activities”.

Turned out this initiative was only temporary and it gave the platform authorities time to improve their security protocols. And as the company announced on its Twitter platform, the regular account activities can be resumed as soon as the security improvements are imposed. And it was a relief to know that all user funds on the platform were safe and sound.

The basic knowledge of the Crypto com withdrawal limit

As you understood from the earlier sections of the read, the Crypto.com transaction fees are basically based on the fees imposed on withdrawal transactions- it is important you know the withdrawal limit on your accounts.

Just as you create your Crypto.com account by following the steps above, and get it completely verified, the maximum limit on withdrawals per day is set at $5000. And if, in the future your trading decision progress and results in making you an Advanced crypto user, the limit on withdrawals can shoot up to 100 BTC or Bitcoin each day.

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The detailed read here has been carefully laid for you to understand the specific details about the Crypto.com transaction fees. We hope that everything mentioned above has been a great source of learning that can help you decide in favor of the exchange.

Moving on, you get to know all about the crypto.com fees and how it is different for the app users and the exchange platform users, which is then followed by details on the international fees, the unauthorized activity reports, and the withdrawal limit on the user accounts on newly joining the platform and becoming an advanced user.

Trust us, Crypto.com is equipped with every little service that you might need throughout your crypto journey so it is one of the most efficient and best mediums for interacting with cryptocurrencies and making an informed decision about trading and investment.

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