How do I get back into my coinbase account?

Cryptocurrencies have been changing the world since their inception. The concept of digital currencies has altered the way we looked at finances. And following the first of its kind, today we have tons of crypto variants and several hundreds of crypto exchange platforms that gave us a choice for our requirements of it. One of these exchange platforms has been making its way to the top with exclusive features for users and the largest variety of cryptocurrencies that have been very promising with its results- Coinbase. Yes, not long ago, it was recognized as the most efficient crypto platform that conquered everything to become the best. However, we all know that no technical product or service can be flawless for a very long time. Being manmade digital services, Coinbase accounts and Coinbase Wallets (it offers a safe space to store your crypto money) incur issues too and here, we’ll be discussing the resolution to one of those problems- Coinbase account recovery. You’ll get to know about the recovery verification code, wallet recovery phrase, and so much more.

Coinbase Account Recovery

What does Coinbase account recovery verification code mean?

There are tons of reasons that may require you to recover your account on Coinbase and to name a few- incorrect credentials, incorrect phone number or email, no access to the registered email, Coinbase not working, etc. have always been in the “most frequent” list. Now, the verification code for Coinbase account recovery refers to a situation when, for some reason, a user cannot log into their Coinbase account and the service simply wants to identify whether it’s the owner of the account trying to get in or someone else trying to have authority over the crypto funds in that particular account. And to ensure that it doesn’t give access to anyone else, other than the owner, Coinbase sends a verification code either on the registered phone number or the registered email address.

Know about the Coinbase account recovery phone number

At the time of registering for a Coinbase account, it is mandatory that users submit an in-use phone number to link the account to. That is because the exchange platform simply wants to make sure they have a way of connecting with their users if and when they detect suspicious activity (if any). Additionally, the verification code for the recovery needs to be sent on the phone number that users submit at the time of account creation. Thus, the registered phone number may play a great part in the process of your Coinbase account recovery.

Know the Coinbase account recovery email process

Similar to the above section, Coinbase also asks its users to submit their currently in-use email addresses as a part of the registration on the exchange platform. Emails can be used as usernames to your account and play a crucial part in the Coinbase account recovery process.

Learn how to get Coinbase Wallet recovery phrase

As mentioned earlier, Coinbase Wallet is a protected space online, where users can hold or store their crypto funds. In addition to that, users can even trade or invest in crypto directly through their wallets. However, as an online location that keeps your crypto funds, it isn’t entirely safe, which is why Coinbase offers a seed phrase or otherwise known as the 12-word recovery phrase. This can be used and would prove to be very helpful whenever users try for a Coinbase account recovery. But, you should also remember that losing the phrase would mean losing access to your wallet, so keep it safe.

What is Coinbase 2-Step verification troubleshooting?

There are tons of reasons for the 2-step verifications to fail but, this section will help you fix them. Well, some of these resolutions might also work when you’re trying the Coinbase account recovery process so, read thoroughly:

  • Go for a network connection check
  • Make sure the authenticator app is up-to-date
  • Ensure the valid date and time zone
  • Check for new updates for the in-use device

What to do if Coinbase account recovery not working?

Usually, the Coinbase account recovery takes up to 48 hours- 24 hours for regaining access to your account to buy and sell, and another 24 hours to regain full trading capabilities. It may take longer in some cases, but if you feel restless or detect something suspicious, we suggest you immediately get in touch with the Coinbase customer support team. Also, once you’ve restored access to the account, make sure you change Coinbase password and retain it.


The detailed read above has been carefully crafted to help you understand the reasons behind opting for a Coinbase account recovery process. And that is supported with information that has utmost significance in the process and in improving the experience you have with your Coinbase account and wallet.

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