How To Buy SafeMoon On Trust Wallet?


Investing in cryptocurrency is something that a lot of us have been accustomed to. If you have been keeping track of the crypto trading market, you must be aware of the fact that some meme coins have also taken birth and have seen a huge rise in their value over time. One such meme coin that is also in the same race is SafeMoon. This meme coin is trying its best to reach the popularity that is currently being shared by Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. But, one should not forget that it has already managed to reach the milestone in just a few years. From its value being $0.000000001 the coin is now valued at around $0.000011.

So, if you also wish to try your luck with this meme coin, then I would suggest you take a look at this exclusive read where I am going to show you how to buy SafeMoon on Trust Wallet. But, before anything else, let me help you prepare for the investment.

Pre-requisites to buy SafeMoon on Trust Wallet

Since SafeMoon runs on the Binance Smart Chain, hence, for buying SafeMoon, choose a platform that is compatible with BSC. Now, are you wondering what could be the best thing that you can do to be ready to invest in SafeMoon through your Trust Wallet? Well, don’t worry, you can always take a look at the details below and understand what needs to be done.

  • Well, SafeMoon is available for purchase on Pancakeswap and can be easily traded on Trust Wallet. So, make sure that you have already installed and set up Trust Wallet on your device.
  • Make sure ready to fund your wallet and you are ready to make the payment for the purchase.
  • Also, ensure that you have a compatible device that works well with Trust.

Now that you have understood the assignment, I would suggest you take a look at the steps below where you will learn how to buy SafeMoon on Trust Wallet.

Steps you need to follow beforehand

This step-by-step guide will showcase how you can buy SafeMoon directly from your Trust Wallet. Though the process might seem to be a little lengthy, I am sure you can easily complete it within a few minutes. Now, let’s take a look at the detailed procedure:

Download and set up Trust Wallet

Download the Trust Wallet extension or its mobile application on your device by going to the website. Once you reach this page, choose the version of Trust Wallet you wish to install and then open the downloaded file. Now, set up your wallet by choosing the wallet creation option. After setting up your password, you can go ahead with the steps to create a backup of your seed phrase. When you are provided with a private key, take all the necessary steps to keep it safe.

Fund your Trust Wallet

To make sure that you are ready to purchase the wallet, you first need to ensure that your wallet is funded. So, purchase some BNB from your Trust Wallet. BNB is the native token of Binance Smart Chain and as said above SafeMoon is the crypto that operates on this chain. If you are not able to buy BNB from the Trust Wallet, you can also have some BNB directly on the Binance exchange. However, buying BNB from the Trust Wallet is recommended.

Follow these steps to add SafeMoon to the Trust Wallet

Now that you have funded your Trust Wallet, you can certainly take a few more steps to finally complete the process to buy SafeMoon from your Trust Wallet. To begin the purchase process, do this:

  • Open the Trust Wallet app or the extension
  • Sign into your wallet if you have not signed in already
  • Now, use the given search bar to look for “SafeMoon”
  • If the search results don’t appear, you can choose the “Add custom token” option
  • To change the network, click on the “Ethereum” network present in the top-right corner
  • Now, you can choose the option to change this network to “Smart Chain”
  • Add the token “SafeMoon” with its symbol “SFM”
  • Add the contract address for this token
  • The address is 0xDA218fD737F6BBdC299c27c13418D55Da580c4a2

Now, you can follow the prompts to make the purchase


This marks the end of the process where we tried to take a dig into how to buy SafeMoon on Trust Wallet. If you were also facing any such issues while making the purchase, I hope this guide has given you deep insights into the same. On the other hand, once you have learned the process, you will eventually need to follow the same set of steps for purchasing any other custom token through your Trust Wallet.

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