Why can’t I make transactions from my Uphold account?

Has your Uphold transaction failed? Are you frequently seeing an error message on your screen stating that your transaction has failed or cannot be completed? Well, there could be nothing more annoying than this especially when you are not able to figure out the main cause of the problem. However, one should not worry about it as we are going to discuss this problem at length in the sections to follow and we shall definitely have a look at the solutions that would help you fix this issue in no time.

uphold transaction failed

However, before you perform any troubleshooting process, make sure that your device is receiving good internet connectivity. If not, then there could be other reasons responsible for the same issue.

The main reasons behind the uphold transaction failed error

If you are facing issues while making transactions from your Uphold account, then the following could be the main reasons why you are facing such issues:

  • If the bank account or debit card you are using to make transactions does not have enough money in it, then you are probably going to face issues while making transactions from your Uphold account
  • In case a user is dealing with equities and at the same time the market is closed, he will not be able to complete any transactions
  • In addition to this, your transaction may also not complete when your Uphold account is not funded with enough funds to trade
  • Apart from that, in case you have crossed the withdrawal or deposit limit for that particular period (month or week), then also you’ll face issues while transacting on Uphold

What are the Uphold transaction limits?

  • If you are funding your account through a debit or credit card, then the min funding limit is a minimum of $/€/£ 10/transaction and a maximum of $/€/£ 500/day, $/€/£ 5,000/week, and $/€/£ 10,000/month
  • On the other hand, if you wish to go ahead with the bank transfer, then you can fund $2500/day and withdraw $10,000/day
  • To know more about the limits of the transaction on Uphold, you can reach its Support page and check out the topic that reads “Uphold funding and withdrawal limits.”

Why am I facing Uphold withdrawal problems?

If you are facing problems while withdrawing from your Uphold account, then the following could be the reasons that could result in this issue:

  • In case you wish to withdraw from your Uphold account and you’re not able to do so, then the most common reason behind this issue could be that you are not a verified account holder
  • Apart from that, if the Uphold servers are having trouble or their website is under maintenance, then you are sure to face this issue
  • In addition to this, the lack of proper internet connectivity could also lead to this issue
  • Moreover, if you are found to be violating any terms set by Uphold, then also you will face the same issue

What is the Uphold withdrawal time?

In case you have deposited funds to your Uphold account through the ACH network and now you are willing to withdraw your funds, then you can withdraw those funds only if it has passed 4 business days of withdrawal. These funds can only be withdrawn to a U.S. bank account after the specified withdrawal time.

With that known, let us now figure out some ways to fix the Uphold transaction failed issue.

How to fix Uphold transaction failed issue?

To avoid coming across this annoying error message, again and again, you can keep the following things in mind and make sure that you abide by these rules:

  • Fund your account

While making transactions, you need to pay some transaction fees as well. Thus, if you are making any transaction, make sure you have enough funds to pay the transaction fee as well. Thus, we suggest you fund your Uphold account with enough money to avoid this issue.

  • Abide by the transaction limits

While making deposits or withdrawals, make sure that you are not crossing any transaction limits set by Uphold.

  • Choose a supported payment method with enough funds

In case you choose a payment method that is not supported by Uphold, then you are sure to face this issue. Thus, choosing a correct payment option that too with enough funds is necessary.


To end this topic, we can say that Uphold transaction failed errors arise due to our own mistakes. In case you are not able to deposit or withdraw funds from your Uphold account, you can refer to this article to know more about the responsible factors and the ways to get past this problem. Thus, make sure that you bookmark this article for reference and use it as and when needed.

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